Solar thermal energy consists of harnessing the sun’s energy to produce heat, and its subsequent use for the production of hot water intended for domestic use, whether domestic hot water, heating, or for the production of mechanical energy, and from of this, electrical energy. It can also be used to power an absorption cooling machine, which uses heat instead of electricity to produce cold with which the air in the premises can be conditioned. Using this energy system we can act to reduce costs, with the consequent saving and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Do you want to reduce energy costs in your home or business?

We will show you how to reconcile all these objectives with renewable energies, if you are looking for savings in your hot water and heating bill, this is the best option, it is a clean renewable energy with no emissions, a bet for the future since providing your Housing or business of a solar installation will increase its value, and you will obtain energy savings of up to 70%.

At KLIMAT we advise you and help you plan, install and modernize your solar installations as well as bring you closer to the use of renewable energies.

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