Who are we?

Klimat is a company dedicated to the installation of heating, air conditioning, cooling systems. We specialize in air conditioning products and continuously adapt to the new needs of the market. We offer maximum quality in our products and services. We also have a team of professionals with experience and talent.

Since its creation it has always evolved oriented to the needs and requirements of its customers and according to the specific characteristics of its businesses.

The resources used are the result of an academic background and a solvent professional career.

Sectors of action

The main sectors of action of the company are:

  • Residential
  • Industrial

Klimat responds to your needs in:

  • Air conditioning installations.
  • Heating installations.
  • Gas extraction installations.
  • Ventilation facilities.
  • Installations of solar heat production.


The experience developed from its existence and the finished knowledge of the current technologies are our support when offering the best service and products of air conditioning installations to our clients.