Is it harmful to sleep with air conditioning?

Sleep with air conditioning to improve the appearance of insects, control sweating and increase the quality of sleep.

  • Use the sleep or night mode of your computer. The majority of current air conditioning systems have several modes or programs designed to efficiently use air conditioning. The night program is specially designed to be used at night, minimizing consumption.
  • Program the thermostat at the proper temperature. If your device does not have the sleep function, program the temperature to 24 or 25 degrees. The average temperature during the night is noticeably lower than during the day. In addition, when we sleep, the temperature of our body also low so we can regulate the thermostat with a few degrees more.
  • Avoid the source of air conditioning directly, especially in areas such as neck or back. This way you will avoid the health problems that we have mentioned previously.
  • Clean the filters. If the equipment is not maintained properly, it can “contaminate” the air in the room.

As we see using the air conditioner to sleep is not as harmful as we could think. The key is to make a rational use of our equipment and use it when necessary. We should never have the air flow pointing directly at night.



Air conditioning by duct systems

This type of air conditioning installations, by ducts, is characterized by being composed of a centralized air distribution system through a false ceiling.

These systems in case of composing a heat pump can distribute both heat and cold and has the advantage that the installation is fully integrated into the house or the premises, without having appliances in sight.

This type of ducted air conditioning systems allow you to regulate the temperature and air flow in each room or area of ​​the house. In addition, in a zoned facility, each room in the home has its own thermostat that communicates with a motorized grille. As soon as the set temperature is reached, the grid closes the passage of air so as not to overcool the room. The grid opens as soon as the room needs air conditioning again. In this way each space receives the right amount of frigorías, saving energy and guaranteeing comfort.

Through the duct system, we will get very aesthetic finishes in the space where we want to install an air conditioning system, since we will only see the small grilles through which the air is distributed, which is more discreet and aesthetic,

They are usually recommendable equipment but we must also emphasize that the installation of a ducted air conditioning system requires a false ceiling that, if you do not have it in the house, you have to create it. This implies getting into a work, so it can be a disadvantage compared to other teams. KLIMAT


How to save energy with your air conditioner?

First, choose an efficient device. All appliances have an identifying label that indicates the degree of efficiency that has. The letter A, accompanied by “+” and green, are indicative of an energy efficient device.

In case of having it, install Eco mode, since it allows to reduce consumption by 30%. Isolate your home Good insulation maintains the interior temperature. Clean the appliance regularly.

The air filters, when dirty, force the unit to consume more energy than usual to be able to cool. Install the appliances as far away from the direct sun as possible. If the sun is constantly on it can not only damage the system, but it will also work more and, therefore, consume more.



The correct maintenance of Air Conditioning

An air conditioning equipment is an investment that helps us to live more comfortable with the right temperature at home.

If we look for the equipment to last for many years and we hope to get the most out of its benefits, it is essential to perform a good periodic maintenance. It is not recommended once installed their air conditioning systems completely forget about it until it starts to give problems or a breakdown arises.

What is adequate maintenance?

  • Filter cleaning  This cleaning is very important, so that our air conditioning equipment works and lasts for longer. With this operation we do not lose thermal power, do not increase the consumption of the equipment and prevent the compressor from being damaged by excess dirt.

It is best to clean or replace the filter every so often.

  • Cleaning the indoor unit In addition to the filters, we must also clean the space that remains when removing them. To finish the process, we will operate the equipment in ventilation mode.
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit The outdoor unit does not usually have filters (except the centrifugal units) but it must also be cleaned, since the dirt from the outside is accumulated in the exchange battery. The easiest and most effective is to use an air compressor It is convenient to perform this operation frequently, especially in places with more pollution, such as cities.

How often do you have to perform this maintenance?

It is advisable to carry out this “thorough” cleaning and disinfection at least once a year. The best way to ensure that the air conditioner works correctly throughout the year, is to perform this maintenance in the seasonal changes, from cold to heat.