Prepare for the arrival of the heat?

The high temperatures are here and they have come to stay, in addition to conditioning your home it is very important that we also take care of ourselves outside the home, we leave you some tips to take care of the heat both inside and outside the home:

Inside the house:

1. Choose the ideal temperature: Setting the thermostat to 25ºC is more than enough to enjoy a stay cool without worrying about electricity consumption.

2. The correct location: the best location for the indoor unit is the one from which the air flow is distributed more evenly.

3. Take advantage of residual freshness: the cooling of a room is not lost immediately when the equipment is switched off, but rather, due to the effect of inertia, it is maintained for a certain time after disconnecting the air. Turn off devices minutes before leaving home.

4. Filter maintenance: Filters full of dust increase electricity costs because they force the fans to run faster.

5. Efficient equipment: the green label and the letter A are the distinctive used in energy efficient equipment and those that consume the least.

6. Intelligent operation: the latest equipment on the market incorporates presence sensors ideal to perceive the potential consumption of air conditioning. Thanks to the monitoring of activity, movements and the detection of people in the room, the equipment has autonomy on and off.

7. Professional advice: At KLIMAT our installation technicians know what the needs of homes are depending on their solar orientation and the intended use of the appliance. Contact us and we will give you all the information you need and best suit your needs.

Out of home :

1. Hydration: it is essential to drink water throughout the day, do not wait to be thirsty, drink small amounts constantly, you should consume around two or three liters of fluids daily, always carry a bottle with you

2. Diet: increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables

3. Sports: do not do activities of great effort in hours of high temperature

4. Control the temperature: a good cold shower from time to time to lower the body temperature, or humid cloths. edos on the nape or on the forehead

5. Protection: if you go out in the hottest hours, protect your head with a cap or scarf and of course always sunscreen, and avoid sunbathing at noon, not only endangering your skin but also increasing the risk of dehydration.

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Portable air purifiers allow the removal of harmful agents found in the environment. Since we spend about 90% of our days indoors (offices, vehicles, homes, public spaces), we are attacked by a multitude of allergens, viruses, bacteria, dust, bad smells, etc.

For this reason, Mundoclima air purifiers incorporate 5 filtering stages for the practical elimination of harmful agents from the environment:

Filtering stages:

  1. Pre filter: For particle absorption
  2. ULPA filter: For pollen removal
  3. Activated carbon: The activated carbon filter refreshes the air and eliminates bad odors
  4. Optical catalyst:: For the removal of Formaldehyde and Benzene
  5. Ultraviolet light: Anti bacteria and bacteria sterilization

Technical characteristics:

  • Capacity (Low / Medium / High): 70/180 / 250m3 / h
  • Air renewal ratio (Low / Medium / High): 2 / 0.8 / 0.6h
  • Electric consumption: <45W
  • Range: 50m2
  • Sound level (Low / Medium / High): 30/38 / 44dB (A)
  • Dimensions: 360 x 178 x 520 mm

Why use an air purifier?

Air purifiers reduce the amount of harmful particles in the environment, helping to prevent allergies, asthma, colds, flu and bad odors.

These equipments are specially indicated for homes with:

  • Allergy sufferers as it releases the environment from allergen particles
  • People prone to colds or flu, as it eliminates moisture, bacteria and viruses
  • Babies or seniors
  • Smokers

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However, we will continue to provide our installation, repair and maintenance services, always respecting the necessary preventive measures for the protection of our clients.

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Protect your home: The importance of maintaining your air conditioning …

Cleaning and maintenance is essential for the proper functioning of your equipment and to prevent impurities, particles, germs and all kinds of harmful elements from entering our equipment and spreading through the environment.

Filters are one of the most important parts of our air conditioning. Not only because they help clean, purify and keep our equipment in perfect condition; but because poor maintenance (or not doing it) can cause performance problems; increasing electricity consumption, and deteriorating the entire air conditioning system.

In KLIMAT we recommend to carry out, at least, an annual cleaning if the air conditioning is used only in summer; and two annual cleanings if the air conditioning is used in summer and winter.

We have customized maintenance programs, request information without obligation and protect your home!



Surely at this point everyone knows and knows how to interpret the energy label that accompanies all the air conditioning equipment on the market, but, as a little information never hurts, we will remember what can be found on these labels, and The most important thing to keep in mind when we buy our new equipment.
It was in 2004 when the obligation was applied that all air conditioning systems had to carry their own energy label, so that the user could know the information regarding power, performance, and other characteristics of a device.
In 2013 the European Commission decided to renew the energy label carried by air conditioning equipment by also introducing 2 energy efficiency scales: one for summer (SEER index) and another for winter (SCOP index).
In addition to what has been described above, other sections that we find in the different labels are the following:

-Manufacturer name.
-Product type and model.
-Cooling power. It informs the design load in KW, and also shows us an estimate of the annual energy consumption.
-Classification and energy efficiency. To determine the energy consumption that a team will assume, we have a scale of colors and letters, ranging from dark green to deep red and from A to G, and that inform us from the most energy efficient speaking to the one You need more energy consumption to properly heat. High energy efficiency equipment can reduce energy consumption by 30%. It must also be taken into account that external environmental conditions may vary between countries, and taking into account that labels are unified throughout Europe, we must first identify the color corresponding to the area where we live to know the efficiency of the equipment.
-Sound level: Although it is inevitable that any air conditioning equipment emits sound when working, manufacturers, with each technical innovation, manage to reduce noise levels, knowing that this is one of the main drawbacks that a customer detects at when choosing your air conditioning equipment.


Choosing to install a boiler in our home is a more than right decisión to help créate a comfortable and cozy space, but what typees of boileers exist in the current market and which one should I choose? Below we detail the options that we find and that base their operation on the type of fuel they use.

Gas boiler. Depending on the power they have, we find standing or wall-mounted boilers, and for their operation they use natural gas or LPG gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas, which mixes liquefied gases present in natural gas or dissolved in oil, or a more practical definition would be say they mix propane and butane).

In recent times and with the advancement of technologies, the boilers that are being manufactured expel less CO2 and are much more environmentally friendly.

Condensing boiler. It is the most efficient boiler in the market. It takes advantage of the latent heat of the fumes coming from the combustion and cools them below the dew temperature (temperature at which the water vapor passes from gaseous to liquid state), thus it manages to release energy in the form of heat and that it takes advantage to heat the water in the heating circuit.

This type of boiler is used to provide heat energy to low temperature radiators, fan coils, underfloor heating and for the production on hot water.

Biomass boiler or pellets. It uses biodegradable fossil fuels, making it the most ecological system that currently exists, and also generates much less pollution. They can work with pellets, firewood, chips, olive bones…and their desing depends on the type of material to be used.

If we want to have a comfortable home and take care of the environment at the same time, without a doubt, this type of boiler is our best option.

Gas oil boiler. As the name implies, they use gas oil as fuel. They are cheaper, have a simple maintenance, and it is a very demanded option for large houses, premises and warehouses, since they can heat a stay in a short time. They are also preparated to withstand  higher temperatures than other boilers and incorporate various accessories focused on automatically turning off any problem. In return for this, it must be said that they pollute more than those described above and that they require extra space to install the oil tank.



That air conditioning has improved our lives is something we all know, because when summer comes, with its high temperaturas, whether at home, at work or in shopping and leisure centers, we can develop any activity enjoying pleasant temperatures and without having to suffer the terrible heats of this season.

However, it is also common to know the problems that different air conditioning systems have, such as, for example, the temperature that each person considers “ideal”, or the cost of energy and money involved in our pockets.

Several brands of the current market work the system called Airzone that allows, with a single device, to have the desired temperature in each of the romos of your home, installing a small thermostat, to select the temperature individually.

In this way, there is no reason to have acclimatized áreas of the house where you only enter from time to time, or the romos thar are surely closed most of the day, and yet the kitchen, the living roo mor the office from where you work several hours a day, they can be perfectly heated and at the temperature you want.

The Airzone system therefore puts at your fingertips a new world of quality air conditioning, in which you not only decide the desired temperature at any tyme, but also allows you to decide when or at what time to turn i ton even when you’re not at home, and which also means you sabe energy and money, since you avoid wasting electricity by being able to make these kinds of decisions.

There is no doubt, Airzone is a true revolution in terms of air conditioning


How to save money with air conditioning in summer?

Are you worried that in the summer the electricity bill will be triggered by the use of Air Conditioning? Below we will show you how to reduce the electricity consumption of your air conditioner and save money on your bill:


Move the air conditioning away from the areas where the sun is most affected. The heat will harm its operation, causing it to work more and, consequently, increase its consumption

Install a thermostat.

By installing a thermostat we can control the temperature of the space both when the air conditioner is turned off and on. In this way we will control the temperature to use or not the air conditioning and we will avoid the unnecessary use of energy.

Switch off before leaving

Before leaving home, we must make sure that the air conditioner is switched off. If we do not do it, we will waste our energy and we will have an unnecessary expense.


Before the heat arrives, perform a maintenance of your air conditioning equipment and renew the filters. Thus, your device will consume less and have more useful life time.

Keep doors and windows tightly closed

To retain the temperature of the air conditioning for a longer period of time and to make it more efficient, the doors and windows should remain closed. In this way we will save energy and take advantage of the air that it provides us.

Use energy efficient appliances.

In the long run, it is more profitable to acquire a device qualified as A +++, with which we can save up to 60% of energy. Choose the model well. If you are going to install an air conditioner, let yourself be advised by experts who can advise you on the model and the characteristics that best suit your needs. Whenever possible, choose models that have the A + or higher energy certification, as they guarantee optimal energy efficiency.



Main Equipment of Domestic Air Conditioning

If you are thinking of buying one for home, we tell you the different domestic air conditioning systems that exist to help you choose the one that best suits your needs. There are many types of air conditioning, we will treat you the most common:

What types of air conditioners are there?

From window:

It requires a hole in the wall to be installed and this fact complicates a change of future location. Half of the appliance is on the outside and the other half on the inside.

Wall Split:

These are the teams that are currently installing the most, since they have many advantages. They are relatively cheap and offer a wide variety of powers. The unit with the compressor is located on the outside of the house and communicates with the interior by means of pipes. Its advantages are that it makes little noise, the hole to connect the outdoor unit with the inside is relatively small and easy to maintain.

Ceiling console:

Similar to the wall in operation. Its operation is similar to those of wall although they are usually of greater capacity. Its installation is more expensive and complex. But with a single team you get a great power capacity, very suitable for large spaces.


Your entire system is inside a box attached to some wheels. Its advantages are that they can be transported from one place to another, they are not noisy and do not require installation, but their price is high and they are not as powerful.

Centrals, conduits:

These equipment offer a high level of comfort, they add a lot of value to the home that has them. The maintenance is simple and spaced in time, but the cost of the installation is, since it requires the use of ducts, soffits and the creation of a false ceiling.



The importance of keeping the air conditioning filters clean.

Air conditioning can be a great ally for your well-being if used properly. Favoring, among other things, the comfort of your home. In addition to air conditioning the house, a filter air conditioner, clean the air in your home of particles such as pollen or dust, capture contaminants such as viruses and bacteria, and even decompose odors.

Here are some of the benefits of having air conditioning filters in a state of optimal cleaning and maintenance:

• Improve air quality. The filters allow to regenerate the air of the environment and purify it, preventing the circulation of contaminating microscopic particles and avoiding mites.

• Reduce the percentage of diseases developed by pathogenic microorganisms

• If you have allergies. It uses air conditioning equipment with filters, including air purifiers and dehumidifiers that guarantee air quality. With these systems that remove impurities from the air, the symptoms of these allergic diseases go down considerably.

• The filters allow to maintain optimum humidity levels in the environment: they are capable of sterilizing the air and self-cleaning and drying systems of the indoor unit to control the development and proliferation of bacteria and fungi, so that the probability of suffering infectious diseases.

Use air conditioners with filters or even air purifiers to ensure air quality. Of course, do not forget that air conditioning filters require periodic maintenance to work properly.