Main Equipment of Domestic Air Conditioning

If you are thinking of buying one for home, we tell you the different domestic air conditioning systems that exist to help you choose the one that best suits your needs. There are many types of air conditioning, we will treat you the most common:

What types of air conditioners are there?

From window:

It requires a hole in the wall to be installed and this fact complicates a change of future location. Half of the appliance is on the outside and the other half on the inside.

Wall Split:

These are the teams that are currently installing the most, since they have many advantages. They are relatively cheap and offer a wide variety of powers. The unit with the compressor is located on the outside of the house and communicates with the interior by means of pipes. Its advantages are that it makes little noise, the hole to connect the outdoor unit with the inside is relatively small and easy to maintain.

Ceiling console:

Similar to the wall in operation. Its operation is similar to those of wall although they are usually of greater capacity. Its installation is more expensive and complex. But with a single team you get a great power capacity, very suitable for large spaces.


Your entire system is inside a box attached to some wheels. Its advantages are that they can be transported from one place to another, they are not noisy and do not require installation, but their price is high and they are not as powerful.

Centrals, conduits:

These equipment offer a high level of comfort, they add a lot of value to the home that has them. The maintenance is simple and spaced in time, but the cost of the installation is, since it requires the use of ducts, soffits and the creation of a false ceiling.



Intelligent control for wifi air conditioning.

It is increasingly common to find models that incorporate WiFi technology, which allows absolute control of our air conditioning from the mobile phone, even if we are not at home. Thanks to this technology, we can turn off the air at a certain time or turn it on on the way home so that, when we get to our home, the environment is already at the desired temperature.

Remote control from your Smartphone

The highlight is remote control. Imagine that you are away from home or about to leave your work and you can turn on the air in your home, when you get to have a comfortable temperature in your home.

In addition, some models have a presence sensor incorporated. This one would only work when it detects human presence in the room. What contributes greatly to energy savings in our house.

What advantages does the “smart air conditioning” provide?

 Remote control. You decide at each moment when to close and open the air from your control command. In this way, you avoid having to leave it on before leaving home, with the considerable energy savings that this entails in your electricity bill and the benefit to the environment.

 You can set the temperature range and store it in memory. You can make an adequate programming of your needs and record it in your memory without having to influence it every day.

 The oversights disappear. If you left the air on when leaving home, you can see the status of it and turn it off from wherever you are.

 Full control over the configuration of the equipment. Select the operating mode as well as the appropriate temperature and the operating range among others.

 It will take advantage of the complementary functionalities. Such as collecting information about the time the device is on, the electricity used up to now, etc.



The importance of keeping the air conditioning filters clean.

Air conditioning can be a great ally for your well-being if used properly. Favoring, among other things, the comfort of your home. In addition to air conditioning the house, a filter air conditioner, clean the air in your home of particles such as pollen or dust, capture contaminants such as viruses and bacteria, and even decompose odors.

Here are some of the benefits of having air conditioning filters in a state of optimal cleaning and maintenance:

• Improve air quality. The filters allow to regenerate the air of the environment and purify it, preventing the circulation of contaminating microscopic particles and avoiding mites.

• Reduce the percentage of diseases developed by pathogenic microorganisms

• If you have allergies. It uses air conditioning equipment with filters, including air purifiers and dehumidifiers that guarantee air quality. With these systems that remove impurities from the air, the symptoms of these allergic diseases go down considerably.

• The filters allow to maintain optimum humidity levels in the environment: they are capable of sterilizing the air and self-cleaning and drying systems of the indoor unit to control the development and proliferation of bacteria and fungi, so that the probability of suffering infectious diseases.

Use air conditioners with filters or even air purifiers to ensure air quality. Of course, do not forget that air conditioning filters require periodic maintenance to work properly.