Choosing to install a boiler in our home is a more than right decisión to help créate a comfortable and cozy space, but what typees of boileers exist in the current market and which one should I choose? Below we detail the options that we find and that base their operation on the type of fuel they use.

Gas boiler. Depending on the power they have, we find standing or wall-mounted boilers, and for their operation they use natural gas or LPG gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas, which mixes liquefied gases present in natural gas or dissolved in oil, or a more practical definition would be say they mix propane and butane).

In recent times and with the advancement of technologies, the boilers that are being manufactured expel less CO2 and are much more environmentally friendly.

Condensing boiler. It is the most efficient boiler in the market. It takes advantage of the latent heat of the fumes coming from the combustion and cools them below the dew temperature (temperature at which the water vapor passes from gaseous to liquid state), thus it manages to release energy in the form of heat and that it takes advantage to heat the water in the heating circuit.

This type of boiler is used to provide heat energy to low temperature radiators, fan coils, underfloor heating and for the production on hot water.

Biomass boiler or pellets. It uses biodegradable fossil fuels, making it the most ecological system that currently exists, and also generates much less pollution. They can work with pellets, firewood, chips, olive bones…and their desing depends on the type of material to be used.

If we want to have a comfortable home and take care of the environment at the same time, without a doubt, this type of boiler is our best option.

Gas oil boiler. As the name implies, they use gas oil as fuel. They are cheaper, have a simple maintenance, and it is a very demanded option for large houses, premises and warehouses, since they can heat a stay in a short time. They are also preparated to withstand  higher temperatures than other boilers and incorporate various accessories focused on automatically turning off any problem. In return for this, it must be said that they pollute more than those described above and that they require extra space to install the oil tank.



That air conditioning has improved our lives is something we all know, because when summer comes, with its high temperaturas, whether at home, at work or in shopping and leisure centers, we can develop any activity enjoying pleasant temperatures and without having to suffer the terrible heats of this season.

However, it is also common to know the problems that different air conditioning systems have, such as, for example, the temperature that each person considers “ideal”, or the cost of energy and money involved in our pockets.

Several brands of the current market work the system called Airzone that allows, with a single device, to have the desired temperature in each of the romos of your home, installing a small thermostat, to select the temperature individually.

In this way, there is no reason to have acclimatized áreas of the house where you only enter from time to time, or the romos thar are surely closed most of the day, and yet the kitchen, the living roo mor the office from where you work several hours a day, they can be perfectly heated and at the temperature you want.

The Airzone system therefore puts at your fingertips a new world of quality air conditioning, in which you not only decide the desired temperature at any tyme, but also allows you to decide when or at what time to turn i ton even when you’re not at home, and which also means you sabe energy and money, since you avoid wasting electricity by being able to make these kinds of decisions.

There is no doubt, Airzone is a true revolution in terms of air conditioning


Prepare your Air Conditioning for the Summer

Summer is coming, time to start thinking about air conditioning to beat the summer heat. And what happens if we hit the button and … it doesn’t work? To avoid this situation it’s best to do periodic maintenance.

Our techncians will :

  • Clean Filters, the Split has an internal device and an external extractor.
  • Check the condition of the drains, it´s necessary have in good condition the drains to avoid blockages that may damage the operation of the installation.
  • Check the pressure levels of the circuit, the task that an expert must perform, with the necessary equipment to avoid catastrophic errors.
  • Check the gas load; for the air conditioner works the gas circuit must be in perfect condition, that there aren´t leaks, that would imply that the device would not fulfill its function.
  • Check operation of the thermostats; it´s convenient they regulate the right temperature, for that a quilified technic should check its perfect functioning.

At Klimat we have qualified staff for this. So don´t think it twice and call us to make an appointment!


How to save money with air conditioning in summer?

Are you worried that in the summer the electricity bill will be triggered by the use of Air Conditioning? Below we will show you how to reduce the electricity consumption of your air conditioner and save money on your bill:


Move the air conditioning away from the areas where the sun is most affected. The heat will harm its operation, causing it to work more and, consequently, increase its consumption

Install a thermostat.

By installing a thermostat we can control the temperature of the space both when the air conditioner is turned off and on. In this way we will control the temperature to use or not the air conditioning and we will avoid the unnecessary use of energy.

Switch off before leaving

Before leaving home, we must make sure that the air conditioner is switched off. If we do not do it, we will waste our energy and we will have an unnecessary expense.


Before the heat arrives, perform a maintenance of your air conditioning equipment and renew the filters. Thus, your device will consume less and have more useful life time.

Keep doors and windows tightly closed

To retain the temperature of the air conditioning for a longer period of time and to make it more efficient, the doors and windows should remain closed. In this way we will save energy and take advantage of the air that it provides us.

Use energy efficient appliances.

In the long run, it is more profitable to acquire a device qualified as A +++, with which we can save up to 60% of energy. Choose the model well. If you are going to install an air conditioner, let yourself be advised by experts who can advise you on the model and the characteristics that best suit your needs. Whenever possible, choose models that have the A + or higher energy certification, as they guarantee optimal energy efficiency.



Why should you install the air conditioner already?

After the cold months, spring comes and soon we will be in summer. And generally when that happens, it’s when you regret not having the air conditioning in your house, and it will probably be when you think you need air conditioning. Therefore, you should not wait any longer: now it is one of the best moments to have it installed. We tell you because:

The installer is not so busy

In summer is when we remember the air conditioning, so in those months the demand is much higher. But installers can not divide to meet all requests in the hottest months. Therefore, now that there is not so much demand is an ideal time to put our air conditioning at home. We can also negotiate with him which is the best day and the most convenient time zone for both parties.

Services without hurry

Precisely because there is not so much urgency to put the device, the installer can devote more attention to detail at the time of undertaking its function. You can benefit from a more thorough installation. And we are sure that he or she will also appreciate it.

Stock available

There are times when the available supply is not able to satisfy the demand in the market. And it is very likely that in the month of July you have to either wait until the chosen model arrives or change the device because the model you want is not in stock.



What is Gas R-32?

It is a chemical compound with the formula CH2F2 and is also known as Difluoromethane. It is a colorless, odorless gas and is characterized by its high thermal stability and its characteristics, ideal for refrigeration equipment.

Below we explain what are its most relevant benefits and characteristics: The R32 has a zero impact on the destruction of the planet’s ozone layer and, in addition, has a much lower impact on global warming than the refrigerant gases manufactured previously.

Its Global Warming Potential index is up to three times lower than its predecessors. The R32 gas is a pure gas, so that its recycling and treatment is much easier than that of the majority used today as the R410A.

Its energy efficiency is greater than that of other refrigerants on the market, but also allows up to 30% less of the amount of gas needed for its operation than other models.

The R32 is destined to become the refrigerant that feeds the air conditioning equipment, due to its great number of advantages and above all at an ecological level. It has a 0% impact on the ozone layer, it has greater energy efficiency, it uses 30% less amount of refrigerant and it has a 75% less impact on global warming.


Main Equipment of Domestic Air Conditioning

If you are thinking of buying one for home, we tell you the different domestic air conditioning systems that exist to help you choose the one that best suits your needs. There are many types of air conditioning, we will treat you the most common:

What types of air conditioners are there?

From window:

It requires a hole in the wall to be installed and this fact complicates a change of future location. Half of the appliance is on the outside and the other half on the inside.

Wall Split:

These are the teams that are currently installing the most, since they have many advantages. They are relatively cheap and offer a wide variety of powers. The unit with the compressor is located on the outside of the house and communicates with the interior by means of pipes. Its advantages are that it makes little noise, the hole to connect the outdoor unit with the inside is relatively small and easy to maintain.

Ceiling console:

Similar to the wall in operation. Its operation is similar to those of wall although they are usually of greater capacity. Its installation is more expensive and complex. But with a single team you get a great power capacity, very suitable for large spaces.


Your entire system is inside a box attached to some wheels. Its advantages are that they can be transported from one place to another, they are not noisy and do not require installation, but their price is high and they are not as powerful.

Centrals, conduits:

These equipment offer a high level of comfort, they add a lot of value to the home that has them. The maintenance is simple and spaced in time, but the cost of the installation is, since it requires the use of ducts, soffits and the creation of a false ceiling.



Intelligent control for wifi air conditioning.

It is increasingly common to find models that incorporate WiFi technology, which allows absolute control of our air conditioning from the mobile phone, even if we are not at home. Thanks to this technology, we can turn off the air at a certain time or turn it on on the way home so that, when we get to our home, the environment is already at the desired temperature.

Remote control from your Smartphone

The highlight is remote control. Imagine that you are away from home or about to leave your work and you can turn on the air in your home, when you get to have a comfortable temperature in your home.

In addition, some models have a presence sensor incorporated. This one would only work when it detects human presence in the room. What contributes greatly to energy savings in our house.

What advantages does the “smart air conditioning” provide?

 Remote control. You decide at each moment when to close and open the air from your control command. In this way, you avoid having to leave it on before leaving home, with the considerable energy savings that this entails in your electricity bill and the benefit to the environment.

 You can set the temperature range and store it in memory. You can make an adequate programming of your needs and record it in your memory without having to influence it every day.

 The oversights disappear. If you left the air on when leaving home, you can see the status of it and turn it off from wherever you are.

 Full control over the configuration of the equipment. Select the operating mode as well as the appropriate temperature and the operating range among others.

 It will take advantage of the complementary functionalities. Such as collecting information about the time the device is on, the electricity used up to now, etc.



The importance of keeping the air conditioning filters clean.

Air conditioning can be a great ally for your well-being if used properly. Favoring, among other things, the comfort of your home. In addition to air conditioning the house, a filter air conditioner, clean the air in your home of particles such as pollen or dust, capture contaminants such as viruses and bacteria, and even decompose odors.

Here are some of the benefits of having air conditioning filters in a state of optimal cleaning and maintenance:

• Improve air quality. The filters allow to regenerate the air of the environment and purify it, preventing the circulation of contaminating microscopic particles and avoiding mites.

• Reduce the percentage of diseases developed by pathogenic microorganisms

• If you have allergies. It uses air conditioning equipment with filters, including air purifiers and dehumidifiers that guarantee air quality. With these systems that remove impurities from the air, the symptoms of these allergic diseases go down considerably.

• The filters allow to maintain optimum humidity levels in the environment: they are capable of sterilizing the air and self-cleaning and drying systems of the indoor unit to control the development and proliferation of bacteria and fungi, so that the probability of suffering infectious diseases.

Use air conditioners with filters or even air purifiers to ensure air quality. Of course, do not forget that air conditioning filters require periodic maintenance to work properly.



Causes of air conditioning noise

When an air conditioner makes noise, it is usually because it has been installed for several years and noise or vibrations may appear due to the constant changes in temperature to which the devices are exposed, especially the outdoor units. The main reason is usually the moving parts, that is, the compressor and the fan. All equipment, even the quietest ones, have a certain sound level, even if it is very low, when they are working.

• Fan blades. Throughout the use, this fan suffers loss of lubrication or bolts that hold the blades are released and, when it passes, the blades collide with the grilles that wrap around the front of the device. This is solved with the change of the blades.

• Compressor. The compressor is the motor that is inside any air conditioning equipment. Your mission is to cool the air in the room. Depending on its quality, among other factors, it will make more or less noise when it starts working, due to the vibrations it generates.

• Fan. It is the piece that moves the air, it can also be excessively loud if it collides with some internal element of the equipment, which due to the vibrations could have moved. For this operation you will have to consult with an air conditioning technician, since he is the one who can best advise us.

• Case. It is very common the noise of the housing due to changes in temperature, internal pipe collision or grid and plate shock due to the constant vibrations of the appliance in operation.

• Lack of maintenance or dirt. In this case it will be convenient to make a revision of the equipment and remove dust, dirt, dry leaves or any other element that may obstruct the equipment.  

If you have noticed strange noises in your device, contact a specialized technician to assess where the noise comes from and mitigate it. If the air conditioner that you have chosen or that you have in your house is old I recommend you to know the new inverters that offer less noise with very innovative materials.