Prepare for the arrival of the heat?

The high temperatures are here and they have come to stay, in addition to conditioning your home it is very important that we also take care of ourselves outside the home, we leave you some tips to take care of the heat both inside and outside the home:

Inside the house:

1. Choose the ideal temperature: Setting the thermostat to 25潞C is more than enough to enjoy a stay cool without worrying about electricity consumption.

2. The correct location: the best location for the indoor unit is the one from which the air flow is distributed more evenly.

3. Take advantage of residual freshness: the cooling of a room is not lost immediately when the equipment is switched off, but rather, due to the effect of inertia, it is maintained for a certain time after disconnecting the air. Turn off devices minutes before leaving home.

4. Filter maintenance: Filters full of dust increase electricity costs because they force the fans to run faster.

5. Efficient equipment: the green label and the letter A are the distinctive used in energy efficient equipment and those that consume the least.

6. Intelligent operation: the latest equipment on the market incorporates presence sensors ideal to perceive the potential consumption of air conditioning. Thanks to the monitoring of activity, movements and the detection of people in the room, the equipment has autonomy on and off.

7. Professional advice: At KLIMAT our installation technicians know what the needs of homes are depending on their solar orientation and the intended use of the appliance. Contact us and we will give you all the information you need and best suit your needs.

Out of home :

1. Hydration: it is essential to drink water throughout the day, do not wait to be thirsty, drink small amounts constantly, you should consume around two or three liters of fluids daily, always carry a bottle with you

2. Diet: increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables

3. Sports: do not do activities of great effort in hours of high temperature

4. Control the temperature: a good cold shower from time to time to lower the body temperature, or humid cloths. edos on the nape or on the forehead

5. Protection: if you go out in the hottest hours, protect your head with a cap or scarf and of course always sunscreen, and avoid sunbathing at noon, not only endangering your skin but also increasing the risk of dehydration.

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