How to save money with air conditioning in summer?

Are you worried that in the summer the electricity bill will be triggered by the use of Air Conditioning? Below we will show you how to reduce the electricity consumption of your air conditioner and save money on your bill:


Move the air conditioning away from the areas where the sun is most affected. The heat will harm its operation, causing it to work more and, consequently, increase its consumption

Install a thermostat.

By installing a thermostat we can control the temperature of the space both when the air conditioner is turned off and on. In this way we will control the temperature to use or not the air conditioning and we will avoid the unnecessary use of energy.

Switch off before leaving

Before leaving home, we must make sure that the air conditioner is switched off. If we do not do it, we will waste our energy and we will have an unnecessary expense.


Before the heat arrives, perform a maintenance of your air conditioning equipment and renew the filters. Thus, your device will consume less and have more useful life time.

Keep doors and windows tightly closed

To retain the temperature of the air conditioning for a longer period of time and to make it more efficient, the doors and windows should remain closed. In this way we will save energy and take advantage of the air that it provides us.

Use energy efficient appliances.

In the long run, it is more profitable to acquire a device qualified as A +++, with which we can save up to 60% of energy. Choose the model well. If you are going to install an air conditioner, let yourself be advised by experts who can advise you on the model and the characteristics that best suit your needs. Whenever possible, choose models that have the A + or higher energy certification, as they guarantee optimal energy efficiency.



Why should you install the air conditioner already?

After the cold months, spring comes and soon we will be in summer. And generally when that happens, it’s when you regret not having the air conditioning in your house, and it will probably be when you think you need air conditioning. Therefore, you should not wait any longer: now it is one of the best moments to have it installed. We tell you because:

The installer is not so busy

In summer is when we remember the air conditioning, so in those months the demand is much higher. But installers can not divide to meet all requests in the hottest months. Therefore, now that there is not so much demand is an ideal time to put our air conditioning at home. We can also negotiate with him which is the best day and the most convenient time zone for both parties.

Services without hurry

Precisely because there is not so much urgency to put the device, the installer can devote more attention to detail at the time of undertaking its function. You can benefit from a more thorough installation. And we are sure that he or she will also appreciate it.

Stock available

There are times when the available supply is not able to satisfy the demand in the market. And it is very likely that in the month of July you have to either wait until the chosen model arrives or change the device because the model you want is not in stock.



What is Gas R-32?

It is a chemical compound with the formula CH2F2 and is also known as Difluoromethane. It is a colorless, odorless gas and is characterized by its high thermal stability and its characteristics, ideal for refrigeration equipment.

Below we explain what are its most relevant benefits and characteristics: The R32 has a zero impact on the destruction of the planet’s ozone layer and, in addition, has a much lower impact on global warming than the refrigerant gases manufactured previously.

Its Global Warming Potential index is up to three times lower than its predecessors. The R32 gas is a pure gas, so that its recycling and treatment is much easier than that of the majority used today as the R410A.

Its energy efficiency is greater than that of other refrigerants on the market, but also allows up to 30% less of the amount of gas needed for its operation than other models.

The R32 is destined to become the refrigerant that feeds the air conditioning equipment, due to its great number of advantages and above all at an ecological level. It has a 0% impact on the ozone layer, it has greater energy efficiency, it uses 30% less amount of refrigerant and it has a 75% less impact on global warming.