Air conditioning also for Winter ❄️

When the winter cold arrives, we begin to wonder if our air conditioning equipment will also be useful when temperatures start to drop. With the hot-cold equipment, we have the great advantage of being able to use our air conditioning equipment throughout the year.


How should we use it correctly?


To begin we must know that the air conditioning used as heating implies another configuration at the time of use. If we have the equipment in summer mode, that is, in cold we must modify it to make use of the heat pump that the equipment carries. Since if we raise the degrees in “Cold Mode” we will not get the heat pump that our team has integrated, start working .. Otherwise, not only will you not be able to heat your stay, but you will also be wasting this incredible functionality.

To activate this heat pump, we must change the “Mode” on the remote control and choose the “Heat Mode” generally represented by the Sun symbol.

Once the equipment is in this heat mode, other configurations can be made to optimize its operation.


– It regulates the temperature, it is recommended to use it between 20 and 22ºC throughout the day, and between 16 and 18ºC at night, with this we will be able to make more efficient use of the air conditioning unit.

– It modifies the position of the deflector or leja of the unit, since the hot air is less heavy than the cold, reason why it tends to raise and to remain in the high part of the stay. Therefore, placing the deflector vertically or downwards, we contribute to the hot air being distributed throughout the room.



What are the advantages of having an air conditioner with a heat pump?


  • Useful equipment all year round: They offer cooling in summer and heating in winter.
  • They provide a great energy saving: The use of heat pump equipment with Inverter technology and energy efficiency can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% compared to traditional heating systems.
  • They guarantee a clean and quality air: Thanks to special filters that eliminate particles and bacteria, viruses, microbes, etc … in the air.
  • No CO2 emissions: These heat pump systems do not produce direct CO2 emissions.
  • Simple maintenance: simply clean once and per year as described in the manual.




The Wifi function in Air Conditioning equipment

What is the Wifi function of air conditioning?


Air conditioning equipment has not been left behind, and more and more those who integrate the Wi-Fi function in their equipment.

This new Wifi function will allow us to control our air conditioning equipment in many aspects, for example, once our air conditioning is connected to our Wi-Fi network, it will allow us to turn on and off our equipment even if we are not at home.



But this does not stop there, the functions that allow you to handle this connection are many:


For example, it will allow us to control the temperature, from your work or from anywhere, you can determine the temperature at which you want your equipment to work and at the time you want, this will allow you to get home and have the desired temperature without having to leave the team working all day.

Also, as mentioned above, turn on and off your air conditioner from our Smartphone, computer or Tablet.

Remote control, your Smartphone, PC or Tablet will allow you to perform all the functions of the classic remote control.

We will be able to control the Timer, and to determine at what time our equipment starts and finishes working, what supposes a remarkable energetic saving.

Something important and worth noting is that they include maintenance notifications, that is, they warn us via mobile, tablet or PC, when it is convenient to perform, for example, a filter cleaning or when they detect any possible problem that may be producing on the computer.




At KIMAT ☀️❄️ we bet on this new alternative, which is getting stronger every time.


What does Air Conditioning 2×1 mean?

Generally, an air conditioning unit consists of an indoor unit (split) and an outdoor unit, but nowadays you can already have an outdoor unit and eight indoor units.

This is why the Multi-split concept arises, whereby several indoor units are connected to a single outdoor unit.

A multisplit air conditioner is a variant of air conditioning that instead of having two units, one interior (with evaporator, fan, air filter and control system) and another outside (with compressor and condenser)

Here arise the concepts 2 × 1, 3 × 1, 4 × 1 … which refer to, first, the number of indoor units, and second, the number of outdoor units.




Advantages of multisplit

For the air conditioning of several rooms with air conditioning it is interesting to buy this system.

  • Savings on installation (only one outdoor unit is installed)
  • Space saving, by eliminating outdoor units
  • A single compressor for different solutions


Do you use a 2×1 multisplit more than two separate air conditioners?

No, because although the external equipment is more powerful, being an inverter, when only one room is turned on, the compressor works at very low speeds. A good inverter electronic system is recommended so that this regulation of the compressor, before different temperature changes, is as sensitive as possible to avoid large increases in the speed of the same to correct said temperature changes.


Inverter systems

What is the Inverter Technology?  


We differentiate the inverter technology by adapting the compressor speed to the needs of the place that is required to air condition, and provides greater or lesser amount of refrigerant gas. This makes the equipment work at a constant speed and, therefore, more efficiently.

On the contrary, in non-inverter equipment, the compressor always operates at maximum speed, which entails greater energy expenditure and therefore economic. Also affecting the useful life of the equipment.


We highlight the main benefits of using an Inverter equipment:

  • Economic saving: By reducing consumption, the economic expense is automatically reduced.
  • Energy saving: its operation favors a great energetic saving since the speed of the compressor of diminishes as the temperature approaches the wished one.
  • Thermal comfort: these systems provide a more stable temperature, without sudden and barely noticeable changes. This translates into a greater and better feeling of comfort for the user.
  • Higher performance: the energy-level performance of current inverter units is usually almost double that of those that do not use this technology.
  • Lengthening the useful life of the equipment: by not working on / off or all or nothing, the compressor suffers less and the active period of operation of the equipment can be lengthened.
  • Quieter air conditioning.


Benefits of Air Conditioning ?

The air conditioning is the ideal product for air conditioning both summer☀️ and winter ❄️



The air conditioning has effects on our health, when the summer comes we need an ally to alleviate the high temperatures, and in most cases it is the air conditioner. There are multiple advantages of air conditioning if you make good use of it.

Today we show you some of its benefits:?

  1. Decreases the presence of insects ?️ and parasites in the environment.
  2. Improves the quality of sleep ?️, reducing fatigue caused by a hot day or night
  3. Reduces stress levels at work and at home.?
  4. It improves the circulation of air inside the rooms, favoring the ventilation of the environment. ?



Curiosities KLIMAT

Did you know…? ?

The Egyptians already cooled the temples of their pharaoh, for this they used a very rudimentary technique and great effort.


Do you know what it was? The slaves dismantled the walls of the facilities every day and left the stones in the open desert ??? night. In the morning, they rebuilt the space with the still cold stones, which guaranteed the air conditioning of the environment.


What is an INVERTER system?

In traditional systems, which are not Inverter, when the device is started, the compressor starts and remains in operation until the chosen temperature is reached. At this time the compressor stops and will start when the temperature rises.



Inverter systems, on the other hand, are state-of-the-art devices that consume less energy and are more respectful with the environment. They get the compressor, instead of stopping, lower the operating regime, so that continuous starts and stops of the compressor are avoided, thus reducing consumption and maintaining the actual temperature with less variations on the requested temperature and producing less noise.


What is the proper temperature of the air conditioning in winter?



It is advisable to place the temperature between 20 and 22 degrees in the day, remember that for each degree that rises will increase more than 7% consumption. In addition, temperatures above 23 degrees dry and cause discomfort.




Place the baffle or blade down. In this way the hot air will not remain in the upper part of the room and we will avoid stratification, that is, the sensation of cold feet. ?