Choosing to install a boiler in our home is a more than right decisión to help créate a comfortable and cozy space, but what typees of boileers exist in the current market and which one should I choose? Below we detail the options that we find and that base their operation on the type of fuel they use.

Gas boiler. Depending on the power they have, we find standing or wall-mounted boilers, and for their operation they use natural gas or LPG gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas, which mixes liquefied gases present in natural gas or dissolved in oil, or a more practical definition would be say they mix propane and butane).

In recent times and with the advancement of technologies, the boilers that are being manufactured expel less CO2 and are much more environmentally friendly.

Condensing boiler. It is the most efficient boiler in the market. It takes advantage of the latent heat of the fumes coming from the combustion and cools them below the dew temperature (temperature at which the water vapor passes from gaseous to liquid state), thus it manages to release energy in the form of heat and that it takes advantage to heat the water in the heating circuit.

This type of boiler is used to provide heat energy to low temperature radiators, fan coils, underfloor heating and for the production on hot water.

Biomass boiler or pellets. It uses biodegradable fossil fuels, making it the most ecological system that currently exists, and also generates much less pollution. They can work with pellets, firewood, chips, olive bones…and their desing depends on the type of material to be used.

If we want to have a comfortable home and take care of the environment at the same time, without a doubt, this type of boiler is our best option.

Gas oil boiler. As the name implies, they use gas oil as fuel. They are cheaper, have a simple maintenance, and it is a very demanded option for large houses, premises and warehouses, since they can heat a stay in a short time. They are also preparated to withstand  higher temperatures than other boilers and incorporate various accessories focused on automatically turning off any problem. In return for this, it must be said that they pollute more than those described above and that they require extra space to install the oil tank.