Installation and sale of air conditioning, thermos and boilers

KLIMAT has a large team of qualified technical personnel, and official technical certificates, with a great experience

Maintenance and repair service

We offer a Maintenance Service to ensure maximum professionalism in each of the cleaning, adjustment and testing…

Thermal solar energy

Do you want to reduce energy costs in your home or business?

We will show you how to reconcile all these objectives with renewable energies

Galvanized sheet metal ducts

Galvanized sheet metal ducts, insulated or uninsulated, are designed for air conduction, renewal and return of an air conditioning equipment,

Fiber ducts

This type of duct is used mainly for air conditioning and air conditioning, in order to ensure the quality of indoor air

Pre-installation in works

A very important division of our company is responsible for the installation on site of equipment that this project needs

Technical assistance of appliances and air conditioning

From Klimat we offer technical assistance for all white goods (washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, thermos, heaters)…